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Why Book Matrimony Advertisement In Newspaper?

Newspaper matrimony advertisement is a preferred way to find a life partner. In this age of online matrimonial sites, newspaper matrimony adverts still have their charm and appeal intact.

In the modern-day world, people are resorting more to traditional methods of finding life partners as opposed to using online matrimonial websites. Thus, newspaper matrimony ads allow you to be part of innumerable opportunities where you can find your life partner without having to spend too much time browsing through profiles on different websites.

Apart from that, the popularity of newspaper advertisements for marriages has gone up in recent times because it gives added security features with respect to personal information that one must share while searching for a spouse via online mediums.

Most matrimony websites ask for sensitive personal information like email id, phone numbers, and home addresses which can expose the user to several security risks. If you place an advertisement in a matrimonial section of any local newspaper, your information remains protected because only trusted persons who are familiar with you look at this matrimony ad.

Also, matrimonial events (matrimonial meetings) organized by newspapers help you find your life partner easily as your family members and friends also participate in these meetings making it easier to find a spouse. Matrimony adverts are usually published in some of the most popular newspapers all over India. Some popular matrimonial ads newspapers are:- Deccan Chronicle, Times Of India, Hindustan Times, etc.

How To Write A Matrimonial Advertisement?

When writing a matrimonial advertisement, it is important to include information about the person’s family, education, and interests. Additionally, it is important to describe the person’s personality and what they are looking for in a partner. For example, “seeking well-educated groom with strong family values for beautiful girl with long hair or “cultured Brahmin family seeks alliance for their daughter who is fair, slim and ambitious.” It is also important to be honest about any potential deal-breakers, such as smoking or drinking habits. For example, “looking for a nonsmoking groom who does not drink alcohol.”Another example, “seeking a working professional for homely girl,” would be appropriate if the woman is not working or if she will continue to work after marriage.

Classified Text Ads

Classified Text Ads are a simple and cost-effective way to reach a specific audience with your message. A classified, or run on line ad costs depends upon the number of characters used in its content which is often measured by lines/words typed out per advertisement cycle (or unit).

Classified Display Ads:

Classified Display Ads are the perfect way to catch your potential date’s attention. You have a choice between uploading prospective bride or groom images and grabbing their full, undivided attention with these ads; they’re also more expensive but will give you better results than text-based advertisements do! Classified Ad rates depend on how much space is occupied by an advertisement in square centimeters (sq cm).

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Sample Example Advertisement For Matrimonial

ANSHIK Manglik, Handsome Mathur 28 yrs/ 6″3 Boy, Family Business, Seeks Edu Non Wkg Only Mathur Girl.# 98XxXNXXXX, E-mail:

WANTED a beautiful, homely girl for fair, smart, handsome boy, Gupta Singhal, Manglik, march 1989 born/5’7″, Lawyer, LL.B(H) (Delhi)/ LL.M (US), from a reputed family of Jaipur Cont: 98xxXxXxXx, 93 xxXXxXXX

SRIV fair handsome boy 28/6’3″ B.Tech IIT-K MS Ph.D USA pursuing Post Doc. in USA. Educated status bussn. fmly from KNP. Mob: 9895545XX

WANTED GROOM Parents of Nambiar family hailing from Kannur and well settled in Mumbai is looking for a suitable alliance for their daughter, aged 28 years, star Chatayam (Sudhajathakam) MBA, working for an MNC from well settled Nambiar/Nair boys. Interested may kindly contact on 897785XXX

KAYASTHA girl 1985/5’2″fair reputed kayastha family masters and worked UK, own PR firm Mumbai.PQM 30/5’7″ erng 15lac localed Mumbai bangalore pune USA/UK, caste no bar contact 78958785xx

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Frequently Asked Question

How to give matrimonial ad in newspaper ?
If you're looking to give a matrimonial ad in an Indian newspaper, it's best to use one of the major national newspapers, such as The Times of India or Hindustan Times. You can book your matrimonial advertisement on our website, call us directly or fill-up the form.
How can you ensure that good responses are generated by your matrimonial ads ?
When posting a matrimonial ad in India, it's important to include key pieces of information that will help generate good responses. Some of the most important things to include are your age, height, weight, educational qualifications, and occupation. You should also be clear about the kind of person you're looking for. For example, are you looking for someone from a specific caste or religion? Are you looking for someone with similar interests and values? And finally, what is your budget? By including all this information in your ad, you'll make it easier for people to find you and match with you. And that means you'll get more responses from people who are genuinely interested in finding a life partner.
How to write matrimonial profile for boy?
There are a few things to keep in mind when writing a matrimonial profile for a boy. First and foremost, it's important to be truthful and honest about yourself and your interests. Secondly, it's important to tailor the profile to attract the right kind of woman. Some tips on how to write a good matrimonial profile for a boy: - Start by listing your basic information, such as name, age, height, weight, education level, and occupation. - Next, list your interests and hobbies. Be sure to include things that you're passionate about and that showcase your personality. - Talk about your family values and what kind of woman you're looking for.
How to write matrimonial profile for girl?
Matrimonial profiles for girls in India are often written with the hope of finding a husband who is kind, considerate, and well-educated. It is important to mention your family's profession and social standing in order to attract potential matches. When describing yourself, be sure to highlight your own accomplishments and positive character traits. Try to paint a picture of what your ideal relationship would be like. Keep in mind that most Indian families are looking for a suitable match who will uphold traditional values, so it is important to mention any religious affiliation you may have.

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